Brighten up your walls with your favorite design on wallpaper. It's easy and fast to give your home a personalised look. Whether you want to imagine yourself in nature, surrounded by the most beautiful flowers and plants, or whether you prefer lovely, light wallpaper, PosterJunkie has what you're looking for! You can choose from seamless one-piece wallpaper, non-woven wallpaper or vinyl wallpaper with different top layers for a unique look. Which wallpaper is your favourite?

Your personal touch in your home with wallpaper

Brighten up your home and give it a personal touch with PosterJunkie's photo wallpaper! Wallpaper on the wall gives a whole new look to the room with relatively little effort. You can simply stick the wallpaper over any old wallpaper. Handy! In no time at all, you can give a room a completely new atmosphere.

Win-win: lots of choice and easy to apply

Nowadays, wallpaper comes in many different types and with more and more variations in terms of prints. Think of flower prints, animal prints or even wallpaper with images of people. Also important: it is increasingly easy to apply to the wall. Moreover, wallpaper is ideal for covering any cracks and holes in the wall. Win-win!

Suitable wallpaper for any space

For example: go for wallpaper in the bedroom and wake up every day in a beautiful room. That's a great way to start your day! Or choose wallpaper for the children's room and create a playful bright atmosphere. You can even create learning moments with wallpaper in the bedroom. For example, teach the children about the plants or animals depicted on the chosen wallpaper. There’s all sorts of options. We can guarantee, therefore, that you’ll find a wallpaper to fit every room in your home, whatever your taste!

Suitable wallpaper for every style

Do you like your home to feel peaceful? Then go for wallpaper with many of the same color tones. Do you like a more extravagant interior, or do you have an outspoken style? Or would you just give your quiet interior a boost? Choose wallpaper with multiple colors and a print! With more than 30 types of wallpaper, you will always find what you are looking for.

At PosterJunkie, you can order non-woven wallpaper, vinyl wallpaper with leather look, vinyl wallpaper with standard look, vinyl wallpaper with textile look or seamless wallpaper (Sanotex). If you have any questions about the wallpaper, please contact us by email at info@posterjunkie.eu or fill out the contact form.