Lion Contour

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Lioness contour

From € 19.95

Contour Collection

In the Contour Collection by PosterJunkie, you will find a collection of beautiful heads of different animals displayed in an abstract way. The posters fit beautifully in both a quiet interior and a distinctive interior. Guaranteed to give your home a cool upgrade! Choose your favorite now!

Give your interior an upgrade with the Contour Collection

Are you looking for a poster that lets your imagination run wild? Where you can fantasize about the design? And where quiet colors and tones are used? Then the posters in the Contour Collection by PosterJunkie are what you're looking for! The posters contain a silhouette of an animal that is represented in an abstract way.

Enrich your interior in a jiffy

Using posters, you can enrich your interior in no time, and that is also the case with the Contour Collection. How cool will these posters look above the sofa in your living room or at the dining table? They look awesome even in the bedroom or on the toilet. With their abstract imagery, the posters give an extra dimension to your interior.

The Contour Collection posters fit every interior

The posters use earth tones for a peaceful look. This means that the posters fit perfectly in a distinctive interior where many colors are used. In this way, you can create a nice balance between the pronounced interior and the abstract posters. But the posters also work in a quiet interior where many earth tones are used. The posters will then match the color scheme that’s already present. 

Be creative with different materials and shapes

No matter which poster from the Contour Collection you choose, it will always fit in your interior and the poster is guaranteed to give an extra dimension to any room in which you hang it! You can even be creative by combining different poster materials. PosterJunkie offers the possibility to print your poster on different materials and in different sizes. Which one is your favorite?

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