Poster on Metal

HD Metal

A poster on metal, also called HD metal, is the 4K television of the printed matter. Razor-sharp, unique colors and mega-brand! The photo on metal is scratch-free and water-resistant, so also perfect for outdoor use.

The 4k television
Of Printing

The poster on metal is printed on a thin sheet of aluminum. This is followed by a coating and the plate is printed in a special way.

To make a photo on metal, use is made of sublimation pressure. Sublimation printing is a technique in which special inks are heated. The inks change into a gas and link up with the material to be printed when you apply them.

A design that has been applied with sublimation printing is a durable connection with the printed material. This makes a photo on metal very easy to clean: you can not wash off the print. The result is amazing!

The HD metal aluminum is scratch-free and weather-resistant and therefore ideal for indoor use as well as outdoors in the garden or on the veranda. The plate comes with a sturdy frame at the rear with which it can be hung directly.

Sublimation printing for a poster on metal means: - Razor-sharp printing - Extremely durable - Durable display of the design.


HD Metal Properties

Abrasion-resistant * Razor sharp * Form-retaining * Durable * Weather-resistant