foto op aluminium materiaal

Poster op Geborsteld Aluminium

Brushed Aluminum

A poster on brushed aluminum is tough metal wall decoration with an industrial look. Thanks to the brushed aluminum, the intense colors of the plate pop up and your photo comes to life in a beautiful way.

Unique lighting

The aluminum plate is 3mm thick, sturdy but light and easy to hang. The plate is built on a core of polyethylene, this material is insensitive to moisture, ambient temperatures and UV radiation.

The top layers of the plate consist of 0.3 millimeter thick brushed aluminum. With brushed aluminum, white will not be printed, here the aluminum will be visible for a unique rough effect.

The aluminum posters are supplied as standard with 4 holes of 8 mm diameter, placed 2 cm from the corners. To attach the poster, a set of fasteners is included, consisting of stainless steel spacers that let the metal plate hang from the wall at 15mm.

Suitable for indoor use.


Brushed aluminum properties

Light * Stiff * Form-retaining * Durable * White = Aluminum color